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I can't write the entire story here so let's make it short! I was a professional snowboarder in Slovenia but an injury in 2007 made me step aside and start with my skate shop and filming. By then there had been only one snowboarding movie produced in Slovenia in which I had a short part too. Snowboarding and skateboarding are intertwined with photography, music, video, design, and business,…


So it makes sense why in the end I went into the filming and photography :)


As a sports lover, I crafted my creative identity by filming extreme sports and establishing my own company. 


For starters, it was just for fun. I produced, directed, and filmed my friend's short clips and little trick tips that should help with the progression of Slovenian freestyle sports like snowboarding, skateboarding, etc. After that, there came little reports and soon we found ourselves filming for our first big project “Shut Up!“ Snowboard film. We wanted to show how we spent our time together and that extreme sports are not just sports but also a way to live. 


After the movie, I launched a video production with my friend in Slovenia and we started to film low-budget things, tv shows, small commercials, events… It was pretty hard in Slovenia and too small for all my ideas so I moved to London and now here I am keep inventing and creating new stories.

Rene X Gozney

Rene X Gozney

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